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PiD Practical Instructional Design - Have you been feeling you would like to do more with your eLearning? Have you wanted to make it ‘better’ (more effective?) But are not sure how?

Do you want to make your learning future proof for mobile delivery on smart-phones and tablets as well as the desktop?

A fast paced, dynamic practical event where instructional design models, theories and approaches are explored and applied to eLearning courseware through a series of exercises and activities. It is the classic ‘learning by doing’ event, where through an innovative series of design exercises and activities, you can see how ID impacts the design of your eLearning.

PID is designed to cover every aspect of creating effective eLearning - understanding your users, screen layout, fonts and animations and all the other detail that goes into designing eLearning!

Offered as an in-house course tailored to your current project for up to 8 people £4250 +vat, call now to explore your options.

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MiD Modern Instructional Design - A one-day event for the modern developer. Covering mLearning development, Social and VLE delivery. Emerging technologies

The recent additions of mLearning, social networking and virtual classrooms have brought with them new techniques and challenges for the learning designer. Knowledge of generational differences for the learner is essential to understand the way they use modern technology.

Delivering learning to this new group comes with new challenges. You will leave with this understanding.

You will be introduced to these new technologies, learn first hand what is required to create an application for a mobile device, consider the implications of a social network to your environment, and understand the planning required to deliver a virtual classroom.

Offered as an in-house course tailored to your current project for up to 8 people £2250 +vat, call now to explore your options.

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Screen and Course Design - A one-day event on the practicality of designing eLearning. From layout and text, to building the lesson plan for effective learning.

Learn which type of media to use to create the right affect. Find out the clever simple technical tools the professionals use to create great learning activities.

If that is not enough in one day, you will also gain an insight to the Gutenberg set of rules. How to use text so people not only read but remember. Understand font usage, size and placement.

Explore design concepts to layout your learning materials, both eLearning and handouts to gain maximum engagement from the learner. Practice creating branching models and learning flow charts creating sound lesson plans.

Offered as an in-house course tailored to your current project for up to 8 people £2250 +vat, call now to explore your options.

Ask about the possibility of an open course. Check upcoming dates by join the TLC - Club

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Have you been struggling to provide the experience in learning? Come and experience an experience for yourself.

In today’s Rapid requirement model for eLearning it is easy to forget how important it is to engage the learner rather than to just present to them.

This two-day event is delivered at one of UK's foremost Formula 1 teams locations. During the two-day event you will have a number of experiential learning activities including some of those used by Formula 1 drivers to hone their skills.

We have over 20 years commercial experience delivering many hundreds of hours of learning. Our training events are delivered to suit your need in better understanding the technical ins and outs of using eLearning to change a behaviour and deliver both an experiential and engaging program.

Please contact us for details of how to book this event for your team and to discuss the possibility of joining one of our open events held three times a year. contact us for full details.

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Gaining Value by Implementing Next Generation SCORM, the Experience APIADL’s next generation SCORM effort is known as the Training and Learning Architecture (TLA).

The first project, known as Tin Can or the eXperience API , affords opportunities to enhance
the learning architecture of an organisation in new ways. The Experience API is a “plumbing”
protocol which delivers tracking of learning events by publishing a standardised statement to a
Learning Record Store (LRS). The LRS stores data about interactions between the learner and
the system collected across web, mobile, and other platforms.

Efforts successful with this technology should be enabled to:

  ● spot business trends
  ● determine quality of learning
  ● combat business issues
  ● determine real time learning conditions

Implementing organisations should build a formalised strategy to ease implementation and
maximise potential analytic value.

Our workshop in partnership with Problem Solutions Inc USA, will address the requirements of an implementing organisation, provide comprehension of the specification while allowing delegates to formalise a value proposition and roadmap for implementation.

A workshop can support up to 12 in house participants for a 1 to 3 day event dependant on requirement.

The workshop will further provide samples and templates to enable delegates to repeat the
process within their organization upon return.

Designers, Developers, Project Managers, Managers, Directors, VP, CLO, Executives, and HR/
Talent Managers

We run Free webinars at the TLC-Club on this subject and closed courses for organisations contact us for details.

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